Despite the stimulus and assurances of a peak unemployment rate of no more than 8%, unemployment continued to rise in 2009 until it reached 10% in the fall. It turned out the shovels weren’t ready. Unemployment then stayed above 8% for more than three-and-one-half years.

Your editorial board should rest assured that President Trump’s four executive orders issued July 24 will do little to change the status quo when it comes to drug pricing in the U.S.

Rather than create a new service with overlapping responsibilities, we should make sure that our existing federal agency with this responsibility—which has a budget of over $7 billion a year—does the job that it’s supposed to do.

The problem isn’t that we don’t officially prohibit many forms of discrimination The problem is that, despite these formal efforts, a significant number of Americans nevertheless fail in practice to enjoy the full measure of the same opportunities and freedoms that are simply taken for granted by so many of us.

We cannot postpone entirely thinking about the price we will have to pay for our mountain of debt, and the damage which our interventions have done to the operation of free markets.

I am disappointed to see Mark Begich and Sean Parnell respond negatively to ranked-choice voting (RCV) being part of an Alaskan reform package.

I would love to watch both candidates verbally duke it out before all America, but I’m quite certain I’ll be watching Netflix on those evenings—as will Joe Biden, safely ensconced in his bunker.

Calvary Chapel should sell its building and rent multiplex theaters where its congregation can gather to worship in groups of 500.

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