Latin America

The new coronavirus has spread beyond Brazil’s megacities, tearing through smaller towns and rural areas as the country’s president says stricter public-health rules would do too much economic harm.

The region faces a 9.4% GDP decline this year, the worst downfall on record, and will likely lag behind other emerging markets in any recovery. It’s a major blow for millions who were making the long climb out of poverty.

Election authorities in the South American nation of Guyana declared opposition candidate Mohamed Irfaan Ali president, ending a stalemate that had hampered the region’s newest oil-producing nation since March.

Mexican authorities say José Antonio Yépez, or ‘El Marro,’ led an organized-crime group that siphoned fuel from pipelines and fought the Jalisco Cartel.

Eusebio Leal, a charismatic, self-taught historian credited with saving the colonial heart of Cuba’s crumbling colonial capital of Havana after decades of neglect, has died.

Two former senior Mexican police officials were indicted in New York on charges of taking millions of dollars in bribes from the Sinaloa Cartel in exchange for protection and allowing tons of its cocaine to flow through Mexico unhindered.

Chileans rushed to tap their retirement savings just days after the government allowed it. Within five hours of the new program coming online, nearly two million Chileans logged on to pension websites, briefly crashing online platforms.

At least 22 doctors have been fired from their jobs at public hospitals in the country since early June, and doctors say the dismissals are government retaliation for calling attention to the coronavirus pandemic.

Bolivia’s election authorities delayed a presidential vote scheduled for September as the country grapples with a rise in coronavirus cases, a move that risks rekindling political unrest that erupted last year following an election marred by accusations of fraud.

In the poorest corners of Buenos Aires, an enterprising Jesuit priest inspired Pope Francis is combining compassion, technology and the management skills of business executives to carry out an ambitious food-aid program for communities devastated by the pandemic.

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon is accelerating, according to satellite data from the country’s space agency, despite military deployments aimed at curbing illegal logging.

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel has become Mexico’s most powerful criminal organization, dominating the trade in fentanyl and methamphetamines and protecting its business by attacking Mexican security forces and public servants directly.

One of the most prominent world leaders to play down the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, the president of South America’s largest country had been ordered by a court to wear a mask.

Mexico’s true death toll from coronavirus is nearly double the government’s official count, according to a review of data from a Mexican government agency that suggests the country now has more than 50,000 coronavirus deaths.

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