Election 2020

Joe Biden called on the Federal Reserve to play a bigger role in addressing racial economic inequality, demanding the central bank look beyond its current mandate of containing inflation and maximizing employment.

President Trump’s re-election effort is alleged to have paid more than $170 million to companies affiliated with former campaign manager Brad Parscale without disclosing the ultimate recipients of the money.

President Trump is increasingly running not just against Joe Biden but against China and the protesters in Portland and elsewhere. Is that going to pull voters over to his side, or merely reinforce the convictions of those already planning to vote for him?

Democrats’ first draft of their 2020 party platform calls for universal access to health care, but steers away from Medicare for All, the Green New Deal and cutting police budgets.

Democratic congressional leaders asked the FBI to brief lawmakers on foreign interference operations targeting the November elections, saying they were alarmed by what they described as an attempt to influence the workings of Congress.

As grim news and bad indicators pile up elsewhere for President Trump’s re-election effort, his promise to lead an economic rebound is growing in importance.

The five-term Michigan lawmaker, who briefly explored a presidential run, said he wouldn’t be returning to the House, ending speculation he might change his mind and run to keep his House seat.

Population growth in liberal-leaning cities, diversifying suburbs and growing support for protests against racial injustice in several Southern states have Democrats hopeful they can improve on their 2016 performance there.

Attendance at the Republican National Convention in Florida next month will be limited, and events will be held in indoor and outdoor spaces, organizers said Thursday as coronavirus cases continued to rise in the state.

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