Natural Resources


Many miners, including giants Anglo-American and Glencore, don’t always count transportation deaths in their end-of-year tallies, keeping death tolls lower and sometimes allowing executives to get bigger bonuses for so-called zero-fatality years.


The world’s largest miners have published global standards for building and managing mine-waste dams, including guidelines aimed at making the safety auditing of these giant structures more independent.

Risk & Compliance Journal

Sculptor Capital Management has agreed to pay $136 million to a group of former investors in a Congolese mine who were found by a court to be victims of a decade-old bribery scheme involving the hedge fund.

Pro Bankruptcy Bankruptcy

Rhino Resource Partners, which got a $10 million loan under the Paycheck Protection Program, has filed for bankruptcy amid declining coal prices and disruption to mining operations caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Latin America

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon is accelerating, according to satellite data from the country’s space agency, despite military deployments aimed at curbing illegal logging.


Global investors are piling into bullish wagers on copper prices, sparking the quickest rally in the industrial metal in years and signaling that many money managers remain hopeful about the economic outlook despite rising coronavirus cases in much of the U.S.


Inside one of the world’s toughest lockdowns, a glittering trade for illicit product is booming. In recent months, record amounts of gold from the conflict zones of Eastern Congo have been smuggled across the border with Uganda before being shipped to international markets.


Private-equity giant KKR agreed to buy the retirement and life insurance company Global Atlantic Financial Group in a deal that will boost the company’s assets under management.

Pro Bankruptcy Bankruptcy

The Ohio company has filed for bankruptcy as part of a plan to cut more than $1 billion in debt and shed its railcar leases after taking a beating from the disruption sparked by the coronavirus pandemic and lower energy prices.

Experience Report

The coronavirus pandemic dealt Farmgirl Flowers one problem after another: A shelter-in-place order in March forced it to shut down its San Francisco distribution center and when customers asked about the delays, only 2 customer service employees were available. So responding often fell to Christina Stembel, the founder and chief executive officer.